Office 2013 – Unresponsive, Slow, Typing Slow

Recently I have seen quite a few issues with Office 2013 running very slowly and not being responsive.

A client had it so bad that you could type into a Word document and the text would lag about 1 minute behind. (I am not talking about the smooth type feature in 2013 either!)

Office 15 has built in hardware graphics acceleration which can cause issues when running on a slow machine.

To turn this office open any office product (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc) Click File -> Options -> Advanced -> Scroll down to the “Display” section -> Uncheck “Disable hardware graphics acceleration” and restart office. (*See notes below*)

This should hopefully resolve the issue with Office 2013 being slow when compared with other software.


NOTE: As per the below there has been quite a lot of feedback for this issue.

Some people have had the issue where it is unchecked by default and checking it resolves the issue.

This issue occurs where it is unchecked but you have a graphics card that wants to accelerate the feature (The opposite to the above but causes the same issue). In this case you should check the box.

Thank you all for your feedback!

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~ by TechKiwi on April 3, 2013.

17 Responses to “Office 2013 – Unresponsive, Slow, Typing Slow”

  1. Thank you so much!! I have struggling for hours on this problem , trying every trick on google and this is the only one that worked.

  2. Thanks, works perfectly!

    The typing in word lagged behind about 1 second on my new (yes, new) Windows 8 computer and it was really annoying – with the new “smooth typing animation” turned off. I disabled the acceleration and now it works perfectly. You saved me a lot of time and effort so I didn’t have to downgrade to Office 2003.

  3. Thank you so much this worked like a charm! The checkbox was called ” disable hardware accelaration for pictures” in my office 2013

  4. Yep – it works. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Deltic Training.

  5. Thank you! Seems to have worked. Although for me i needed to check the “disable hardware accelaration for pictures” box rather than uncheck it…

  6. Thank you so much! You’re the only blogger that helped me!

  7. Thank you very much!!!!

    This solution made my day. I was struggling since many days!!!

  8. The ‘Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration’ was not checked, I checked it and this solved the problem. Thanks so much for helping me and all of the rest of us who have been having this problem!

  9. Checking the flag seems to improve things for me … thanks.

  10. I was struggling with this as well – though my Office 2013 also worked faster when not connected to the Internet (so I canned the useless SkyDrive – I use USB instead:-). But I found the advice confusing – *clearing* a box for disable HW acceleration has the effect of *enabling* the acceleration, which is the source of the problem, right? So checking the box is the right thing to do (at least, it seems to work for me).

  11. This fixes it perfectly!! Thank you for posting this

  12. Thank you very much for posting this. None of the suggestions on Microsoft website solved my problem. But your solution worked. Thanks a lot.

  13. Thanks a million. I would have never have found that. I also had to check the box but it worked

  14. Big Up Man! Much obliged this has been driving me crazy the last hour. Peace and Serenity x

  15. Thank You – it now works properly :)

  16. Thanks for sharing this info. It works like a champ. Feeling so crappy about Win8, but meanwhile happying with the touch screen operations.

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