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Burp – Embedded browser fails to render

When using Burp proxy, the render button for HTML pages did not work. When Render was clicked, it would fail to initialize and then grey out.

Burp introduced an embedded browser health check which returned:

Server ERR: Inconsistency detected by dl-lookup.c: 111: check_match: Assertion `version->filename == NULL || ! _dl_name_match_p (version->filename, map)’ failed!

After investigating with different versions of OpenJDK is appears that any version > 10 causes this issue. To resolve, install OpenJDK version 10.

Resolution steps for Arch/Manjaro Linux:

$ sudo pacman -S jdk10-openjdk

$ sudo archlinux-java set java-10-openjdk


Server 2012 – VPN Role Installation Always Requires Restart

Over the past few weeks I did a 2003/2008sbs to server 2012 R2 server migration and had an issue with the VPN role not installing through Server Manager giving a “restart required before installation can proceed” error even after a fresh restart and all updates installed.

You reboot till your hearts content but the error will keep appearing. This seems related to migrating away from an older domain as we have not had the issue on a fresh 2012 installation.

To resolve the issue you need to go to Group Policy Management and edit the ‘Default Domain Policy’ with the following details:

Computer Management -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policy

Edit the ‘User Rights Assignment’ policy

First enable the policy if it is not checked and add the following accounts:


Save and close group policy, open command prompt (CMD) with administrator privileges and run the command which will force update group policy: gpupdate /force
Reboot the server and try to install the roles again from Server Manager and hopefully it will resolve your issue as it has done for us multiple times.

Windows 10: Brother Control Center 3 Won’t Start

Had a client today that is using an older Brother multi function printer/scanner/fax unit that runs Brothers Control Center 3 software which he was using for scanning.
After upgrading to Windows 10 the software was still loaded but would open a white blank page and had no options.


The solution is to change the program theme from Modern Style to Classic Style which resolves the issue.

Open Regedit and navigate to:


Change “ModernStyle” to “ClassicStyle”

Reboot your machine and try it again and hopefully it will open correctly!


Hopefully that fixes it for you, comment below if you are still having issues.

Thanks to Steve’s IT Blog post for the tip

Asterisk IAX2 Trunk SIP Phones no ringback tone

Been tracking an issue I have had for a while with a Asterisk installation and the callers not getting a ringback tone when calling other SIP/IAX2 trunks.

We were using 2Talk for the IAX2 trunk connecting to Asterisk with SIP based phones/soft phones.

To get the ringback tones working I just had to add these two rules into the Asterisk SIP Settings page in Freepbx.

Right at the bottom you can add custom rules, you need to add:



After making these changes and applying the config all phones now have ringback tone as they should.

OSX SSTP Gui Client

Wanting to share this with you guys as its just made my life a whole lot easier!

Zheng Shao over at has pieced together an application using the SSTP-Client open source software for OSX/Linux.

Being able to support OSX Mac clients with SSTP has been something I have struggled with for a long time but this solution works perfectly and is easier enough to use although still in developement.


See his post here:


The latest version of the client download link is listed and updated at the top of the page. *Note: this project has not been worked on for some time unfortunately*


Something to note is that this client does not support EAP connections but does support MS-Chap-V2, so you will need to have that enabled to make the connection work.


**Update 14/09/2018: Updated links for Axot**

Cups Print Server – Slow Printing And Gui

I had a very weird issue on a new Debian installation where the Cups print server gui was very slow to respond and the printers were also slow to print. When you attempt to print a page there was a 4/5 second delay before the print job would be sent to the printer.

After much investigation I have since resolved the issue which relates to IPV6 even though there was no IPV6 entries for this server.

I had set IPV6 IP Tables firewall rules to just block all connections in and out.
The fix was to “Allow All” for the IPV6 loopback device which seemed to resolve the issue and then add a local entry for IPV6 into the hosts file.



#Allow Loopback
-A INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT


The issue seems very odd since Cups was mean’t to be communicating over IPV4, There were no host entries for IPV6 either just IPV4 but this was definitely the fix I required.

Good Luck!

Hopefully someone else finds this post as I struggled to find resources on this issue!

Mail / Mailx – Content-Type: text/html: No such file or directory

Its been a long time between drinks, but I have some new content this week.

We had an issue with a few old send email scripts running on a new Debian box. The email scripts utilized the Mail command and send plain text emails fine, but when you tried to send HTML emails it would give the error “Content-Type: text/html: No such file or directory”.

It did not like the -a switch for setting the header content type, here is an example:

# mailx -a ‘Content-Type: text/html’ -s “Subject” < test.html
Content-Type: text/html: No such file or directory


The end fix was easy. We just installed Mail Utils for Debian with the command “apt-get install mailutils” and after it had finished installing the -a switch no longer gave errors regarding html and not being able to find the directory.



Merge Hyper-V .VHD/.AVHD Files without a Hyper-V Server

Here is a quick tip if you need to merge Hyper-V snapshots (.AVHD) files with the .VHD to form one file.


The usual process would be to use the Microsoft Hyper-V server to do this, but in this case I did not have a Hyper-V server left and I wanted to merge the files so that we could open the drive and retrieve the data.


Kai Liu has created vhdutils which will do just that! ( and you can download the tools here ->


Step 1: Find the latest .AVHD file by creating the date created

Step 2: Extract the makevhd.exe file (Either 32 or 64bit) to the same directory as the VHD files.

Step 3: Run the script in this format,  “makevhd -d merged.vhd 0 latest.avhd”

You need to change the latest.avhd file to the name of your latest .avhd file.

Step 4: This will run (Nothing is shown until it finishes) and it will merge the files into merged.vhd in the same directory location.


Note: You need to have all of the .avhd & .vhd files in the same folder or you will get the error “Chain Broken”.


From here you can now mount the merged .VHD file through computer management and browse the file structure.



Nginx & PHP5-FPM WordPress upgrade issue

Tonight I upgraded my Ubuntu 14.0 server to the latest of Nginx & PHP5-FPM packages  which broke my WordPress site running the latest 3.9.1 version of WordPress so I thought I would share the fixes used to resolve it.


It broke it in two different places, one was a PHP5-FPM related error the other was related to Nginx so I have split each resolution below.


First error: PHP5FPM


Firstly the issue straight after the upgrade was that I would get a “505 Error page not found” fault, I checked the nginx error log files to find this error: connect() to unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock failed (13: Permission denied).


The fix was update the php5 config file: /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/www.conf

Find this block:

;listen.owner = www-data
; = www-data
;listen.mode = 0660

Now edit the block to look like this:

listen.owner = www-data = www-data
listen.mode = 0666


Now restart php5-fpm “service php5-fpm restart”


Second error: Nginx


This solved the first error but now I am getting a second error relating to the Nginx upgrade to version Nginx 1.4.6.


The error in the Nginx logs: “rewrite or internal redirection cycle while internally redirecting”


The resolution is to add this line of code into each Nginx server config, NOTE if might have two one for port 80 one for port 443 etc


I just added this block:


Now restart Nginx: “service nginx restart” after rebooting all of my errors have been resolved.
Please use the above at your own risk and do your own research but in my case this has resolved my issues.

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