Hello all!

Your here because you can’t find that darn recovery partition on your newer model Toshiba Laptop.

Firstly it’s a pitty they have hidden this as most users will struggle to fun this when they are in need!

Steps to take:

#1: turn laptop off

#2: hold down the zero (0) button and push the power button.

Once you see the Toshiba logo appear repeatedly hit the 0 key (zero) untill you see hdd recovery mode appear on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

If you don’t see it and the machine loads windows turn it off and start over.

(note not 0 key on the num pad if your laptop has one this won’t work it must be the 0 key on the main part of the keyboard)

🙂 now you can recover your system.

NOTE: doing this will wipe your machine of any data so make sure you have backups!

We will not take responsibility for any damage caused using this feature.