Here is a quick tip if you need to merge Hyper-V snapshots (.AVHD) files with the .VHD to form one file.


The usual process would be to use the Microsoft Hyper-V server to do this, but in this case I did not have a Hyper-V server left and I wanted to merge the files so that we could open the drive and retrieve the data.


Kai Liu has created vhdutils which will do just that! ( and you can download the tools here ->


Step 1: Find the latest .AVHD file by creating the date created

Step 2: Extract the makevhd.exe file (Either 32 or 64bit) to the same directory as the VHD files.

Step 3: Run the script in this format,  “makevhd -d merged.vhd 0 latest.avhd”

You need to change the latest.avhd file to the name of your latest .avhd file.

Step 4: This will run (Nothing is shown until it finishes) and it will merge the files into merged.vhd in the same directory location.


Note: You need to have all of the .avhd & .vhd files in the same folder or you will get the error “Chain Broken”.


From here you can now mount the merged .VHD file through computer management and browse the file structure.