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August 2015

Asterisk IAX2 Trunk SIP Phones no ringback tone

Been tracking an issue I have had for a while with a Asterisk installation and the callers not getting a ringback tone when calling other SIP/IAX2 trunks.

We were using 2Talk for the IAX2 trunk connecting to Asterisk with SIP based phones/soft phones.

To get the ringback tones working I just had to add these two rules into the Asterisk SIP Settings page in Freepbx.

Right at the bottom you can add custom rules, you need to add:



After making these changes and applying the config all phones now have ringback tone as they should.


OSX SSTP Gui Client

Wanting to share this with you guys as its just made my life a whole lot easier!

Zheng Shao over at has pieced together an application using the SSTP-Client open source software for OSX/Linux.

Being able to support OSX Mac clients with SSTP has been something I have struggled with for a long time but this solution works perfectly and is easier enough to use although still in developement.


See his post here:

The latest version of the client download link is listed and updated at the top of the page.


Something to note is that this client does not support EAP connections but does support MS-Chap-V2, so you will need to have that enabled to make the connection work.

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