I couldn’t find anything amoung the 50 or so pages of XDA-Dev so thought I would share my fix here. I have a NZ new Samsung S4 I9505 which I have just rooted and loaded Foxhound2.0 using the Google Kernal. At first I tried the Faux kernal but the unit seemed to run hot so I swapped back. LTE does work, however you have to flash it twice before you see it as an option (rather odd but consistent with the testing I ran). To turn LTE on after you have flashed twice, Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode -> LTE/WCDMA/GSM

If you can’t see this option try flashing the Rom again, but that is it. When using the Google kernal I have proper LTE, Blutetooth and everything else encountered has worked.


Tested with New Zealand Vodafone 4G, got a very respectable speed across all tests.