I have been tinkering with VPN services provided by Ipredator.se (One of The Pirate Bay founders companies) for the past couple of days.

I will be doing a more in depth write up about their services and how I have experienced them in the future (So far I am happy with the service) but this post is just to give others an updated configuration file so that it can be easily used on the Android platform.


After successfully getting the VPN connected with OpenVPN for my LinuxMint machine I moved onto my Android device where I have had quite a few issues.

It appears that the configuration file they are providing does not work correctly with the latest version of OpenVPN for Android (Which is what they recommend).


I have adjusted this configuration file manually by creating a new one and then migrating the lines of code I can see that they have in their configuration file which seems to work perfectly.

The generated config file was used on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat via my new Sony Z2 and successfully opened and held a OpenVPN connection to the Ipredator network.


It appears it is mostly relating to the GUI options that are at the top of the configuration.


So far I am averaging speeds around 2/2mb’s from fibre 100/50 based connections here, the only end point servers are located in Sweeden so this is acceptable at this stage in my opinion.

Configuration Download Link: http://bit.ly/IpredatorAndroidConf


*Note* Please use this configuration file at your own risk, it has been tested but checking the settings are correct for security is up to you